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Welcome to the Light Bridge Center for Transformation.


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Our mission is to support you on your spiritual path of enlightenment.


All messages, classes and services offered out of this Center and through this Web Site are focused on empowering you to awaken to your true divine essence and heritage.


You will receive tools and guidance that will not only connect you more closely to the Hierarchy of Light, but also give you the ability to call directly on their support, love and wisdom without the help of an intermediary.


The Hierarchy of Light is vast. Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, divine Masters from other planetary systems and many other beings of Love and Light are just waiting for you to remember who you are, where you are from and the power you can wield as a co-creator. 


As Earth is giving birth to a new consciousness, all of us are taking an active roll in these momentous times. May this Center and Web Site assist you in this process.


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6/03/2016 - 6/05/2016
6/24/2016 - 6/26/2016
8/05/2016 - 8/07/2016
8/26/2016 - 8/28/2016
9/23/2016 - 9/25/2016
9/30/2016 - 10/02/2016

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Love and blessings,

Brigitte & the Hierarchy of Light 

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