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We are living in times of great change. Old structures and old belief systems are falling away one by one to make room for a very new way of life here on Earth. Regardless of what many predict, the future is still very much unknown as it is formed by the choices we make each day.


At this time we have been handed a great opportunity to awaken to our true Divine Essence and Identity. This means we have to begin to recognize ourselves as an aspect of God/Source/Creator/All That Is and to define ourselves accordingly.

Not only are we part of creation, we are creation in action. Therefore the question we should ask ourselves is: “What do we choose to create?”


We all can feel the intensity of the times we live in. Time itself seems to speed up continuously and we can see hour hopes and fears materialize in front of us in a blink of an eye. So how can we maneuver through these times of change and maintain a level of love, peace, joy and abundance? How can we find the courage to let the river of life take us where we need to be without hanging on to those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us? How can we safely let go of control and begin to merge with our Divine I Am Presence which in return will also allow us to express our divine gifts more fully here on Earth?

The most important part in this process is for us to first recognize that we are not alone.  The Hierarchy of Light comprised of Angels in service to the Light, Ascended Masters who have walked the path of enlightenment before us and are now helping us to do the same and many other beings of Love and Light are with us every step of the way.

Let this site help you to connect more deeply with the Hierarchy of Light for support and to ride the waves of transformation in a manner that is empowering to you and not frightening. After all, all experiences in your life are not mere accidents. They are signposts guiding you home to your rightful place of love and joy.

Brigitte Boyea, born and raised in Germany, has been an intuitive healer all her life. Having completed extensive training in many different healing modalities, Brigitte offers effective tools of self-empowerment and self-realization to assist her clients in their individual healing processes.

Maintaining a continuous connection to the Divine Hierarchy of Light, her readings and healing sessions are always supervised by the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Love and Light.


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Working primarily with St. Germain and his violet flame as her guide and teacher, Brigitte’s messages offer a deeper clarity and understanding of life circumstances and one’s role in them.

Clients leave her classes empowered and ready to make choices that will unleash great transformational forces affecting every aspect of their lives. During personal sessions individuals will experience healing and rejuvenation while receiving the guidance necessary to realize a life filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.

Now is the time to truly embrace the Divinity within and to radiate this Divine Light out into the world we all share. All it takes is for you to take the first step.

Brigitte offers her services and ongoing classes out of the Light Bridge Center for Transformation in Clinton, NJ. Telephone readings and consultations are also available upon request.