Celestial Reading and Healing Session:


The importance of staying in a place of balance these days has become undeniable one of our greatest tasks at hand. Therefor allow yourself to be touched by the Ascended Masters and Angels of the Hierarchy of Light with messages of love, empowerment and guidance through Brigitte Boyea as their channel and instrument. You will be taken on a very personal inner journey of healing where you will receive a unique energy attunement as well as assistance in general to help you in whatever way is necessary.


Celestial healing can take place in many forms. Sometimes it is as simple as receiving confirmation that the Hierarchy of Light is in fact hearing your prayers and your thoughts and that you are not alone. Letting go of old belief systems and outdated structures can be a rather overwhelming and frightening experience. The attunement you will receive will align you more deeply with your Soul and your Divine I Am Presence. It will also connect you with two very specific Angels who will work hand in hand with you to make it easy and effortless for you to release all those things in your life that no longer serve you.


The Hierarchy of Light wants you to succeed in anchoring your Divine Essence and Purpose here on Earth. Embrace the gifts they have for you.


$50 for 30 minutes



$75 for 45 minutes

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$100 for 1 hour




Phone sessions are also available.


Please contact Brigitte at or call at 1-908-892-0751 to schedule your appointment.



Workshops and Classes


Sacred Geometry, Level I


Sacred Geometry is the primordial language of God / Creator / Source / All That Is. It is at the core of all existence with each geometric form differing in vibration, purpose and message. In this class, we will go over the three primary and foundational forms of Sacred Geometry. You will receive an activation of these symbols of love and light in your energy body and you will also be shown practical ways to use these sacred and archetypal shapes to enhance the quality of your life.

This class offers a great opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the purpose and power of these tools of enlightenment allowing you to create a more meaningful and joyful life in this dualistic world of Spirit and Matter.


Fee for this 4 hour class: $75

Astral Travel Class


Traveling to different Dimensions and Universes is something you frequently experience in the dream state. In this class you will be shown how to journey out of body consciously and safely. You will be taken on a variety of inner journeys that will deepen your perceptions of yourself and the multi faceted world you live in. You will also learn practical ways to travel to diverse realms of existence on your own, while always protected and directed by specific guides and the Hierarchy of Light. A great sense of peace, protection and true empowerment will be yours as you access your own “inner sanctuary” which is the portal to the great vistas that await just beyond the veil.


Fee for this four hour class: $75 

Transformation Class


St. Germain’s main focus is to assist Humanity on its path of enlightenment from the realms of Shamballa. As a Master of Transformation, Higher Truth, Freedom and Mercy, he will speak to you through Brigitte as his channel and take you on a journey of self-transformation. Here you will receive messages, attunements and guidance that can change your life forever.


Fee for this two hour class: $25 per person 

Lightbridge 101, Level I, Four Hour Workshop Intensive


Awaken your gift of being a conscious channel and light bridge between Heaven and Earth. Learn how to activate and increase your psychic abilities. Experience a deeper connection with your Divine Self and your Divine Guides and Teachers through powerful meditative journeys. Attunements will increase your abilities to channel and assist in activating your Third Eye. Ascended Masters and Angels will be joining this class as they celebrate your willingness to bring their messages into the World.


Fee for this 4 hour workshop: $111

Portals to the Universe, Initiation to the Stars
The portals to the Universe, also known as star gates, have been used in many different cultures from ancient times as gateways to other dimensions and star systems. In this workshop you will go through an initiation process awakening latent keys that will allow access to these star gates. You will gain a deeper awareness of yourself and the Universe. Many aspects of your life will be transformed because of this. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to travel back to your true planetary home to be once again among your own star family that has long been waiting for this re-union.
This is a three part class series.
Fee per four hour class: $65

Initiation into the Deeper Mysteries of Life


This program offers some of the oldest teachings on Earth and is for those who wish to enhance their capacity to serve the Light. You will receive ancient wisdom and empowerment to lead you forward on your path of enlightenment to higher consciousness. A powerful Initiation will assist you with the fulfillment of your life’s purpose while creating a deeper and more personal connection to Source/Creator/God.


Initiations have always been a sacred rite of passage and a key transition point in spiritual traditions. In the ancient tradition and lineage of many ascended Masters this practice has continued into present times.


Your desire to further realize your full potential by taking this class indicates that you have completed a period of tremendous spiritual growth. Know that your commitment to serve as an Adept will be recognized by the Divine Hierarchy of Light.


Fee for this one day program: $222.00

An Afternoon/Evening of Support with Brigitte & St. Germain:


In these times of great change and transformation old structures and old belief systems are being released. This will ultimately lead us to letting go of everything that no longer is in alignment with our true Divine Essence.


This process can be exhausting and sometimes very frightening. We like to hang on to what we know and what we feel has given us a form of safety in the past. Now life seems to force us to let go of everything that remotely resembles control and to surrender fully to the guidance and direction of our Divine I Am Presence.


For many it feels like being blindfolded. We only get a sense of appropriate choices in the present moment, yet where these choices will lead us is obscure leaving us often with a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability. And if that wasn't enough to deal with, we are also deeply connected to the collective consciousness feeling its effects on all of us during this time of great change.


But as you know, we don't have to walk this path alone. There are many in Spirit as well as in the physical realm who are here to help us ease the intensity of these times. For this reason St. Germain has guided me to create a form of support to help all of us stay balanced and in a place of love and peace no matter what happens around us.


Come and join us in a safe and peaceful environment where we will combine our energies to create a time of re-charging, re-focusing and empowerment in general. Allow yourself to receive comfort and healing under the guidance and supervision of the Hierarchy of Light and release some of the discomfort of the times at hand.


These afternoons/evenings of support will be offered over the phone via teleconference and in form of physically gatherings in Clinton, NJ, sometimes at the same time, sometimes on two different days.


Love and blessings to all of you on this journey towards Love and Oneness.


Brigitte & St. Germain.


This event is offered on donation basis.  Use the button below to make a donation.